MIRACLE OF BRAIN

                   Today six billion people are able to speak to one another with the help of technology…

Scientists are working on new projects aimed at taking communication technologies. But there is such an extensive communications network on Earth that some 100 billion users are constantly in communication by means of it…

There are no connection problems here similar to those on computers. The users never rest. The electricity supply is never cut off. It is the difference of brain from our technology!..

This glorious communication network you possess began being installed before anyone was even aware of your existence… Development accelerated with your birth, and the number of networks established has been increasing every day ever since…

As you grow older, your experiences shape your brain, and your brain shapes you. It makes it possible for you to maintain the powerful bond with your surroundings that you will use now and in the future.

Our brain does not have any rest, it control many process within seconds. Approximately 80- 120 billion nerve cell are there in human brain.

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